Textbooks coming for CCNP-Wireless?

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Does anyone know if Cisco plans on putting out textbooks for its NP-Wireless track? I tried to contact them via chat to see, but they said I'd need to call them to ask - and please have my credit card ready since it's a toll call (and they may or may not have the info after I've paid). They currently just have the Quick Reference Sheets - a pretty measly offering considering they've created a whole new professional-level track around wireless technology. Isn't this called getting the cart ahead of horse? It's all great if you're already working with wireless daily, but what if you aren't and you need to learn it?

I guess Cisco just doesn't have the funds available for textbooks. icon_scratch.gif What administrative neophyte at Cisco made this administrative blunder?


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    They have the funds, but it has to be a demand for it. If for some reason CCNP-W became an in demand cert they would get those books out. I don't see the demand being that high.
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    Why does everyone feel the need for Cisco to put out a specific book series for every single track? It won't happen. There are plenty of books that will cover the topics as well as classes.
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    Is there another NP track with no textbooks? What other books are you referring to that will specifically help me pass the individual tests?

    I'm not sure what classes you're referring to, but classes are generally far more expensive than a textbook. Anyway, where I live there are no wireless classes offered nearby that I can take (i.e. nights/weekends), unless I just want to skip work to attend.
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    You should look at it as a good thing. The fact that there are no textbooks and that you need to buy some real gear to practice with means that way less people will have that certification. Additionally, you'll get used to learning directly from the documentation instead of relying on textbooks that may or may not be available for future technologies.
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    I think the only tracks with dedicated Cisco Press books are the popular three, Voice Security and R&S. The Wireless, SP, SP Operations and DC tracks do not have dedicated Cisco Press books. So more tracks without books than with books. The official course material (which is usually financed by people's employers), piecing together relevant info from other books or Cisco documentation are your only choices. It's not that hard to do though if you really want to.
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