passed and general ramblings on the test

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Passed with room to spare. Phew.

My thanks go out to all involved in creating this site. It and it's good links provided just what I needed. Had I solely relied on the All In One Network+ book and it's useless test cd rom it might have ended differently.

Thought I'd bore you with stuff that's been said a hundred times already. (Remember repetition is the key to learning Remember repetition... ;) )

What I found useful was writing down the 7 OSI layers for reference, just to speed things up when related questions arise.

Questions with diagrams are straight forward, one just has to eliminate the stuff that doesn't affect the problem from the picture. (like a workstation that can access some server that has nothing to do with anything whatsoever)

I'm sure it's been said 1000 times already, so here goes 1001: READ the question/scenarios. It's amazing how much information you can out in one short sentence, when you put it into context. Let it click into place before you decide on an answer.

In case you don't know the answer to a question, use the elimination process on the given choices. You're bound to recognize some that can't be it, which at least will stake the odds more in your favour. (Especially exciting if you're left with a 50/50 chance...)

Anyroada.. time for a brewski


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