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I'm preparing for N+ exam (N10-005) next week tuesday, I need an advice on what to concentrate on as part of my preparation Videos, Questions/dums.


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    DonM34DonM34 Member Posts: 139
    Just follow the objective to get a clear understanding. The easy should be a breeze.
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    DeathmageDeathmage Banned Posts: 2,496
    Here are a few pointers:

    1. know your ports.
    2. know all you can about SOHO's.
    3. know your protocols.
    4. know your command line tools like the back of your hand ie : netstat -r and how to add routes (this add a default gateway: route add -r mask
    5. know your wireless 802x numbers by heart.

    now much more I can think of the top of my head, if you want good study material find Darril Gibson's Network + app on the Android/Apple Markets.
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    SojuBrewMasterSojuBrewMaster Member Posts: 18 ■□□□□□□□□□
    As obvious as it sounds and probably what everybody will say; but the Myers book and Professor Messer videos are really helpful. Those were my only resources and I passed :)
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