Developing an interest for Computer Networking

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Hi, How do you develop an interest for the subject in general ? What are some good basic books, websites, videos etc. that help develop a taste and insight(s) for/into it ? Any input would be highly appreciated. Thank You :)


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    I don't know about everybody else, but I developed a love for networking at the bar. I just saw it there across the room, and after I drank a few beers, I knew I had to have it in my life. I approached it. It turned me down a few times. Over time my love grew. Eventually one morning I noticed Networking was in my bed and now I cant get rid of it.

    Ok, joking aside. It was an exposure thing. I was around the IT guys at a prior employeer and I relized I like their jobs more than mine.
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    Sometimes you just have to dive in and see if you like it. I just wanted to know how networks worked so I found out.
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    @jamm1n, you mean the internet! :P
  • Jamm1nJamm1n Member Posts: 106 ■■■□□□□□□□
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