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Hey guys, just completed CCNA (two test route) and I can't decide what to do next. I go into the job market in five months after I get out of the military with four years of various IT experience (mostly networking). I have an opportunity for a free CCDA voucher that I have less than 9 months to use, I just got my email for the may Stanly VMware course, and ideally I want to knock out CCNP in the near future. My heart is truly with Cisco, I love routing and switching and design. I'm worried that some say CCDA requires CCNP switch level knowledge and it would be a waste to spend longer studying just for CCDA and then CCNP. But I need to be CCDA test ready in nine months to get my free voucher. So far I've decided to skip VMware until I'm less busy, but what do I do about my Cisco dilemma? Thanks


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    I wouldn't worry about the CCDA personally. If you know networking is what you want to do move onto the CCNP.
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    The VCP would be well worth your time too, there is a lot of talk amongst a majority of the customers at my MSP of converting to a virtualized environment. I plan on grabbing that before the CCNP level knowledge, so I at least have that framework of virtualization if and when the opportunity comes to work with it.
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    CCNA Voice or CCNA security maybe? I'm looking into CCNA Security but it looks like Security+ with some of their proprietary adaptive security appliance mixed in.
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