How much of A+ is composed of small details?

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For example, how many pins are on a certain set of memory, etc.

Is it mostly break/fix theory? Stuff like "If John's computer won't turn on, what is most likely the issue?"


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    A lot of the exam is small details. Not a majority, but probably something like 20-25%.

    Just make tables/flash cards and run thru those everyday. It'll take 5 mins each day, and a deep dive a few days prior to your test and the small details will be gimme questions.

    Best strategy is not to put too much importance to them, but make sure you cover them over a length of time to retain them in memory and ensure you have quick recall of the info.
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    Agreed, some of the test is based on small details and it'll be silly to miss a few of those questions because you couldn't memorize them. Flash cards helped me tremendously. If you think that memorization is hard, wait till you take the 802 which is more scenario based and you can't easily memorize solutions for those!
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    I would say the 801 has these styles of questions. Some of them could be direct ie. how many pins in a certain DDR module etc. But some of them could be testing your theory with questions like 'which wireless network standard would transmit the furthers' or 'if user x has not been able to fit an express card into his laptop as the slot is too narrow, what must he be using?' etc.
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