what 1 certification will help me land a job quickly

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I am new to the It world I'm currently working on my netowrk+ and ready to take the exam and then start to tackle the ccna I know there a process of taking multply certifcation to help go against those who have bachelors degrees..but I knowuld like to know is there one exam that you can study by yourself and take the exam that will land me a job quickly be it programing or networking?


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    not this question again...seriously.
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    :) I'll bite. CCNA could help you get into a NOC. That's all I got.
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    That's not really the way it works. Certifications are there to compliment your experience. Just getting a random certification to land a job quickly isn't really realistic.

    That being said, there are some entry level certifications that do not need much corresponding experience to be useful. A+, CCNA, etc. Those alone are still not some kind of job guarantee though.
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  • newlife23newlife23 Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
    im sorry Im new to this so i really dunno how its worked? so basically I need multiple certs, if I have no experience what so ever and no college degree? I'm just trying to get simple entry level job just to gain experience and build my way up? how did you non college workers get in the field?
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    IT Help desk is a good start
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    Make your start in helpdesk of some kind. I would go for a Windows 7 cert like the 70-680. Checkout itfreetraining.com and professormesser.com as they both have free training for that cert.
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    I'd say A+ with either a Windows 7 or Linux cert might be your best bet. Then the CCNA following.
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    I would advise you to check out job postings in your local area and see what cert(s) they require for entry-level positions.
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    To get a technical job, you need to survive a technical interview. To pass a technical interview, you need experience.
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    A+ would probably be your best bet. With no experience or exposure then you'll find something like CCNA difficult as a starting point.
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    First, learn to do a little research on your own, like using Google or searching TE. As far as entry level certs, A+ is usually the way to go for bottom level IT. Also, use your people skills and ask everyone you know if they can talk to the HR at their company to get you into their Help Desk.

    Good luck!
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    A+ and Net+ will give you a good amount of knowledge and give you a shot at landing entry level jobs.
    Multiple certs probably wont get you the first job much faster. Apply everywhere and excel at the first opportunity you are given.
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    I'd say A+ or a couple of MTAs and find an entry level help desk or maybe even a pc technician job. If you get a bunch of certs, or even a higher level cert, that would seem really odd on a resume with zero experience.
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    It you enjoy desktop support. A+ and then Network + and MCTS windows 8 or windows 7. If not then I would go for CCENT if you want a challenge.

    Good luck!
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    CCNA or some Microsoft Certs will be your best friends in attempting to break into IT... Or at least help get you past HR.
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    SephStorm wrote: »
    CCIE. icon_twisted.gif

    EDIT: Or MCA, or GSE.

    Yep. A CCIE would pretty much do it... there aren't even any prerequisite certifications!
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    Heh heh. Yeh, go for CCIE. That'll guarantee you a job. Actually, it probably won't.

    Like I have said in other posts, certifications are to be obtained to validate your knowledge. Don't take an exam just so that can get a job, that's not the way to do it. IT is a ladder you'll have to climb for the position you want. I've seen (and heard) of many, many people that think they can get MSCE and CCNA and then they think they're good for a Sr. Network Admin job, no, it doesn't work that way.

    Like many, take a help desk job. You'll learn A LOT. You'll learn the in's and out's of IT from the ground up. You'll also learn valuable customer service skills. Yes, some days you'll feel like quitting, but stick with it.

    As for certifications. A+ is definitely a good place to start. It'll give you a foundation level to how to troubleshoot a PC/laptop.
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