Finally! Fixed a Nagios Issue

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This has been burning me for literally months and today I finally "fixed" it! The issue I ran into was when testing to see if an external server was up. Obviously, a simple ping would do it, but a number of the servers block ping. Nagios has a command (check_tcp) which allows you to designate a port to check to see if it is open. Since these are web servers I figured that is the best course of action. I set this command in the hosts.cfg and figured I'd be good to go. Every time I would check the config, it would fail saying it couldn't find the command. But if I went into the web interface I could set it as a passive check and it would work without issue. At the time that was good enough so I left it (big mistake). About a month ago we had a major issue with the Nagios server and when we finally got it back up suddenly none of the servers were being checked. Of course I for got I had to passively set the command.

Last week we decided that since Nagios isn't very resource intensive (we're using it to monitor 17 servers and 17 websites) we'd migrate it to a virtual server. I setup the server and began the install that's when I figured it was time that I fix this issue. Come to find out in the commands.cfg you are suppose to designate the port to scan and location of the file. The whole time I had the port in the hosts.cfg. Remove the port and bam working without an issue!
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