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Hi Friends,

I have planned to start PMP exam. I need to know the best PMP online institutes which will take me to pass the PMP exams. I need to know the packages and best insitutes for my certifications.

I am getting lots of institutes while searching the net. But you guys know the best..

I am waiting for your replies.



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    I'd recommend buying THIS. Self study is the best option, in my opinion. Although, some people prefer being in an online classroom or an actual classroom. This to be is not appealing, at all. If I read the book I can absorb so much information. In the class, I get distracted and board easily. This was a huge problem when I was young and in school - I used to get in trouble because I wouldn't do the work during the day, but when I got home from school I'd do everything the teacher asked, plus more. I was constantly accused of cheating, or having one of my parents or friends doing the work for me.
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