BGP Load Balancing


Just wondering if someone could help me understand the configuration to enable load balancing across multiple BGP peer connections.

At present I am labbing a topology that has a single edge router that connects to three external sites via GRE tunnels through the cloud, and forming BGP neighbour relationships. These three sites are would be three different entry points into a common network.

I guess in essences its more or less multihoming through three different GRE tunnels to a common network if that makes sense.

I have it configured at the moment so that one tunnel is the primary with the other 2 on standby essential as a first and second line redundancy should the other fail. Is there a way though to have all three tunnels route traffic to improve WAN bandwidth utilisation just as you could internally with EIGRP?

BGP is still relaltively new to me so apologies is this is a trivial matter.

Thank you TE!!


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