voice labs for packet tracer or gns3

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Hello all thank you for reviewing my post. hopefully someone can point me in the right direction, i am looking for gns3 labs for voice or packet tracer labs. i am trying to set up a topology as cbt nugget videos using cucm, cme, uc, cisco presence. i have a massive amount of ios just cant figure out how i would even go about setting it up in gns3.


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    hello all, i was also wondering i am a little confused about cme which is cisco unified communication express, cisco unified communication, cisco unified presence, etc. I understand the capabilities of the services but are all available on one signaling module? are all these services available on one module?
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    Hi, not sure what’s available for virtual labs – the only hiccups would be transcoding, conferencing, analog connectivity, and voice T1s (PRI) as these require DSP hardware which cannot be emulated at this time. Most of the other items can be done with a combo of GNS3/VMWare – Including pure “VoIP” calls between sites.

    CME is built into the IOS (must be an IOS that supports voice features)

    CUCM and Presence are server based – you can run these in VMWare
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