Is CHFI worth the investment if I will have a CISSP.

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Hello Everyone I have an Associate of CISSP right now and awaiting full CISSP in June, I was a few months short on the experience requirement. I will resubmit for the full cert shortly. My question is if I have a BS in InfoSec Mgmt and Forensic Investigation, CISSP (shortly), and Sec+ is a CHFI worth the investment? From experience stand point I have Helpdesk and Junior Sys Admin experience totaling just under four years now.


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    It depends if your interested in compliance or technical path, most people start of with technical path as compliance is more for mangerial and auditor role. CISSP with CHFI and GCIA is useful for high end SOC work. The responsbility associated with each ceritificates are
    - Boarding Compliances Use Cases with procedures to ensure risk is mitigated to a minimum
    - Initial Analysis in Malware before passing the Security Case to a higher tier team member
    - Initial Analysis in Network Traffic on packet ****.
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    Meh, i'm not getting hits off the CHFI alone. The CISSP and CEH seem to get some inquiries though.
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