Nero 7 sucks.

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Out of curiosity i decided to upgrade from nero6. icon_evil.gif Damn thing just screwed up my XP. I dont put the blame sorely on Nero, i think XP is too fragile and weak. I'm contemplating moving to Linux coz i'm bored of troubleshooting, reinstalling and nursing XP. Apparently it was the shortest lived XP i ever installed. Less than twelve hours since installation, approximately 10h. Talk about reliability.
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    I think perhaps your problems have more to do with some kind of incompatibility or the way you are installing things rather than XP. I have had installations of XP running since it was first released and even with assorted virus and spyware removal and the install and uninstall of many programs they remain stable.
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    I'm running Nero 7 one of my laptops (A toshiba Satellite M30) without any problems. It's running on XP SP2 with all updates. It was not an upgrade however, it's a clean install of Nero 7. So far no complaints.

    Damn thing just screwed up my XP.

    Could you perhaps post some specifics as to how your system is screwed up?
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    I had 2 XP, one on drive C with 2GB as per MS study guide and a second on drive D with 5GB sorely for OS and 10GB for programs. Its the second one that srewed up after so much effort.
    Could you perhaps post some specifics as to how your system is screwed up?

    I was in the process of updating Nero when it asked for restart then:

    - System boots up, Bios, OS dialogue (corrupt XP in drive D: is default),

    black screen, then the following,

    Windows couldn't start because one of the following files is missing or corrupt.


    The previouse XP in Cicon_sad.gifFAT32) boots fine but due to the limited storage area, its useless for running applications.
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    The first thing I would do is get rid of Fat32 - compared to NTFS anything on Fat32 is unstable .... lol

    Showing that error message the first two things I would do is ...
    Boot to The Ultimate Boot CD or something similar and run a full disk diagnostic. Many tinmes when I see that message it is due to some bad sectors on a drive.
    Second, I would check out the power supply and ensure that it is pumping out sufficient juice. I have come across several occasions where a hard drive had not spun up correctly after a power supply has started to fail and it gives that message. There is enough juice to kind of initialise it, but not enough to run it. I do however usually see this error when a box has a PS a few years old and the box is loaded with multiple drives (hard & CD) and has lots of USB devices.
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    Since the message indicates that the part of the registry which contains the system hardware hives is corrupted, did you do the restart or did you let the install program do the restart. Some installers throw up the message before they have flushed the caches. You then end up with a variation of this knowledge base article.;en-us;318159

    The XP version of chkreg may not have run when corruption was found. You could try a repair. Trying restore last known configuration will work if NERO was playing with the drivers for packet writing functions. Win2000 always had a 6 floppy repair kit that would fix that exact message but I have not been unfortunate enough to have to look for the XP equivalent. Even though XP is just a point release I don't know if that kit would work.

    System should be a 4 to 8 meg file depending on how much hardware and associated drivers you have installed. If you have never backed up the system state there is still a copy from the original install called system.sav in the same directory. That won't do you much good unless you are just trying to get by the hassle of doing a reinstall because drivers will be missing most likely and will need to be rediscovered. If you or a program has saved the system state then their may be a copy in %systemroot%/repair.

    Then again the Nero install may have not been expecting to find the OS on drive D. That would be a screw up on their part.

    edit Oh yea RussS is right FAT32 sucks on XP especially if you are using anything that remotely resembles a database
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    Strange thing is that the XP in FAT32 boots perfectly even tho it sucks because of its 2GB partition. My PS and the entire box is relatively new bout 2 yrs old. I do have plenty of logical drives like 9 partitions or so in a 80GB HDD. I tried all the F8 options for the NTFS XP but they all bring up the same message. The reparation option gets to a point where it asks for an Automated Repartion Disk of which i have no clue but i'll check it on the MS 70-270 guide. I did try to hack into the corrupt XP from the FAT32 XP and tried swapping the system files. I could see the system.sav. Strange thing i noticed is that only the screwed up XP had a hidden dll folder.
    The reason i installed the working XP in a 2GB FAT32 C: partition is coz i intended to install Red Hat and catch up since i haven't used it in 2 yrs. The working FAT32 XP was actually for 70-270 preparation and the one that screwed up was supposed to be for normal applic like working, surfing, gaming, downloading, job hunting etc.
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    You're using the wrong repair option. Continue with the installation process as if you're going to do a re-install. When it get's to the point of asking you about the partition, you'll get a warning that a windows installation already exists, then you'll be given the option to repair it.
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    I tried that but it didn't warn about any existing WinOS although this should be the case. Anyway i decided to reinstall XP on the same D:\Windows folder without formating the partition. Installation completed successfully although i couldn't start the previouse programs. Now this is the sweet part.

    I reinstall McAffee antivirus, reinstall firewall. Not knowing which one to trust i permited McAffee security center run alongside XP's security center. I restarted the machine and BINGO! back to square one.

    "Windows couldn't start because the following file is corrupt. //Windows/System32/config/system"

    Two crashes in under 24 hours.

    I feel kind of stupid right now for defaming Nero only to realise the real problem could be a conflict between McAffee Security center and Window XP Security center.

    I extend my appologies to Nero and their fans. Now my biggest problem is how to change the title of this thread before it does more harm to Nero. icon_redface.gif

    Thanks for all your help and any more suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Alien wrote:
    I extend my appologies to Nero and their fans. Now my biggest problem is how to change the title of this thread before it does more harm to Nero. icon_redface.gif
    I wouldn't worry about it. Ahead Software has done enough over the years to hurt itself. Past versions of Nero have had terrible compatibility problems, and I wouldn't use it for years until it seemed stable (at version 5). I now use Nero 6 under XP and it seems to work just fine.
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    The biggest problems I've had, at least a year/18 months ago, turned out to be Norton and Mcaffee 'security' products.

    Their AV products are good, though I've seen a lot of things get by fully updated versions pretty fast. However, the 'security' end seems questionable.

    They seem to keep you secure by not allowing you to do anything. If I turn off your PC, lock it in a safe, and pour cement around it, that will certainly keep you secure, though you might lose a little functionality :).
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    Nero is my favorite.
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