Failed MTA 98-365 advice needed

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Today I took the MTA 98-365 exam and failed...
I think a lot was due to nerves and cramming in last minute. Does anyone know where you can find simulators for Microsoft exams?

What I used to study:
CBT Nuggets
Wiley Book
YouTube 2+ hours of study 4 3weeks before exam

Failing an exam makes you reevaluate your I.T. career and goals I have worked in 2 helpdesk roles in my short time in I.T. I am wondering what to do now. I passed Comptia Strata fairly easily as well as the A+ 801. I am not sure which direction I want to go in IT the exam was like a filler since we use a application on top of AD at work I really had no practical experience with a server. The exam was free from my school so I am not totally bummed out.
I am hoping convince them to let me take all on the Infrastructure track. I'm just wondering if I should use my second shot to take the 349 just to get a MCP/MTA under my belt. (This is in hopes employers will see this and notice my willingness to learn and allow me to move into a more desktop support role where I'm using AD on a regular basis.) Perhaps I should just go back and study for the A+ 802?

How hard are the other exams in comparison such as Networking Fundamentals or Security Fundamentals? Is the 349 something I could study for in a week? Thanks for your answers.


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