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Good morning all. Just wanted to pose a few questions about SSCP preparation and provide a little background. I am currently in the Air Force doing "cyber" duties. I am looking to move into a more technical position than I am currently in. I got Security+ a few years ago, and its getting to be time to renew it. I was considering the SSCP because I wanted another broad-knowledge security cert, and it would fulfill all 50 CEU requirements from CompTIA. I realize it will be a partial re-hash, but I heard that the SSCP was good on its own merits, and more importantly it would be good prep for a future CISSP pursuit. Any thoughts? I have a copy of the SSCP all in one from Darril Gibson, I really liked his Security+ book so I stuck with him. Will that be enough to get me through? Thanks!


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    How extensive is your backround on security matters in the IT field? Have you looked at the requirements for the certification regarding that? Have you looked at the CASP exam yet? Getting that automatically renews all CompTIA certs and should leave you at a better point for either CISSP or SSCP.
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    I have three years of experience in IT, with a smattering of that being related to security over the years. Several inspections, etc were entirely focused on security. I know I meet the requirements for SSCP. I was thrown off by the CASP because of the 10 year "suggestion" as opposed to the one year rqmt for SSCP.
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