Python For Network Engineers 10-Week Program

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Sorry if this has been posted already, so please close if it has.

A couple of CCIEs got together, including Ethan Banks from Packet Pushers, to organize a 10 week python training program for network engineers. The first week email was recently sent out and I must say I am very impressed. The emails contain hidden youtube links to the course as well as documentation that is used during the classes. All you have to do is sign up below and make sure you check the box to join the 10-week program.


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    Darn! I'd give an arm to be a part of this; been studying python over the past weeks on this topic.

    Thanks for the link! Hope to get in on the next round.
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    I saw quite a few people taking Python courses in the $10 Udemy thread, and wondering if you guys could shed some light on what makes this specific coding language so valuable?
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    Coursera is also offering Python classes, some are free and others there is a charge, however it is reasonable.
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    There is no limit to the amount of students that can sign up for the 10 week program via email list. Make sure you go to the blog section of the website and you'll see where you can sign up
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    I corrected the link in my original post so it points to the blog portion of the site.
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    ande0255 wrote: »
    I saw quite a few people taking Python courses in the $10 Udemy thread, and wondering if you guys could shed some light on what makes this specific coding language so valuable?

    I don't work with networks so I can only guess (or google in this case)

    Python Network Programming
    Python provides two levels of access to network services. At a low level, you can access the basic socket support in the underlying operating system, which allows you to implement clients and servers for both connection-oriented and connectionless protocols.

    Python also has libraries that provide higher-level access to specific application-level network protocols, such as FTP, HTTP, and so on.
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    Thanks for the input Jabba! I did read a bit on google about it, was hoping someone might be able to chime in here with some practical applications of using Python in their jobs or anything, if anyone can speak from that perspective.
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    Not so much on the networking side of the house, but there have been a number of things I have done with Python to really make things better. With Python I have written a script to connect to an FTP, download a zip file, unzip said file, confirm the sha1 hashes match, and finally confirm that the hash file was generated within 5 minutes of the file being created. I also wrote another script to download the Terms and Conditions from a website, remove the html, out put it to a file, and compare that to a master copy for changes.

    Python is honestly one of the greatest go to languages available. There are literally thousands of modules you can use to integrate with just about anything. Also, it is one of the easiest languages to learn. My newest script will connect to an email account, look at three messages, and then flash as a critical error in Nagios in the event that one of the subjects doesn't read as complete.
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    signed up! thanks!


    Thanks for signing up for my Learning Python Email Course - here is what is coming.

    In Week1, I will cover:
    • Why Python is a good choice for network engineers.
    • The Python Interpreter.
    • Strings.
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    ande0255 wrote: »
    I saw quite a few people taking Python courses in the $10 Udemy thread, and wondering if you guys could shed some light on what makes this specific coding language so valuable?

    -It's a full-featured language that won't restricted you the way Javascript will (JS can't open network connections or access the file system on its own)
    -It's object-oriented, for those who care
    -Easily readable, and in turn it's easily maintainable
    -Huge power in the native and 3rd party libraries. Want to do something in Python? There is likely a library for it, and the API is probably really elegant
    -In Python, there is only one best way to do something - which makes it noob friendly. When learning, you learn the 'right' way, aka the Pythonic way and there isn't much room for various types of confusion.

    The Zen Of Python does a good job of communicating its benefits as well:

    The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters
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    Explicit is better than implicit.
    Simple is better than complex.
    Complex is better than complicated.
    Flat is better than nested.
    Sparse is better than dense.
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    Does it help for a network career that does not involve programming?
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    Yes, automating tasks will always make your life easier.
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    Good thing I stuck with Linux and Networking! Thanks for the link and information!
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    Even if you sign up now he will send you the weeks you have missed so you can catch up.
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    Sounds cool to learn, the signup on the website appears to be down at the moment, I'll have to sign up for this later and possibly grab a Python course or two just to see if it's something I can get into.

    Thanks for all the info from everyone, much appreciated!
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    lol how do I get negative reputation for posting this thread

  • ande0255ande0255 Banned Posts: 1,178
    I will rectify that with a positive one for turning me onto the newsletter, got a Python course off that $10 Udemy sale as well, looking forward to some day checking that out!

    So much to learn, so little time to do it!
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    I signed up, thanks.
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    FYI, I am the individual running this course. If you have questions on it, let me know.

    One clarification to the original post (by FloOz), while I like and respect his work, Ethan Banks is not involved in the course. My main webpage has quotes from various individuals (trying to provide motivation on why you would want to learn Python). Ethan is one of the individuals that I quote. Note, this main webpage actually was for a previous class that I ran (albeit with very similar content to the current Python email course).

    Here is a very brief overview of the content of the course (subject to change): Week1 - Why Python?; the Python Interpreter; Strings | Week2 - Numbers and Lists | Week3 - Flow Control (if / else, for loops) | Week4 - Flow Control (while loops, dictionaries, exceptions) | Week5 - An Example | Week6 - Functions | Week7 - Files | Week8 - An Example | Week9 - Classes and Objects | Week10 - An Example

    Note, I am probably going to close the sign-up for this course on this Saturday or Sunday. I will likely run the same course again in June or July. If you want to be notified about the future course, you can sign-up for my email-list or follow me on Twitter (@kirkbyers).

    For the individuals that signed-up, I hope you like it.

    Regards, Kirk Byers
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    My apologies for being misinformed. I just want to say thank you though for putting together such a great program
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    Yes, automating tasks will always make your life easier.

    That's what she said.
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    Thanks for chiming in. I am going to join your mailing list. I don't think I have the time to catch up but would love to take your class in June/July. I am looking forward to it!

    Thanks Flo0z for the thread!
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    Do I just email the instructor for the weeks I missed? I only received week 1, so I believe I am only missing week 2 as of now.
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    I also only have week 1 so far. I believe emails are sent depending on your start date of the course. So on your 2nd week into the program you should get an email.
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    Right now I have class #2 set to go out five days after the first class (and class#3 five days after this). I made it slightly less than a week so you would start to catch up across time.
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    Oh and FloOz no problem for the incorrect information, thanks for posting the course to this forum.
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    I have a lot going on but I signed up and ordered a book for beginners. Everything I have read in the last year points me to learning Python sooner rather then later.

    Thanks for the post. This is one of the reasons I love this site.
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    I'm on week 3 of this course, totally love it!
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