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Good Morning Folks!!! I am currently studying for the ISSMP exam and could use any suggestions and/or recommendations regarding study material or practice questions for this CISSP concentration. Thus far, I have read the ISC2 ISSMP CBK. The most current publication of this book is the 2011 edition. What scares me is that it only contains 20 practice questions per domain. Also, the names of the domains have changed since this book was published. I'm afraid that there may be new material that is not covered in the book. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!! I feel like I am ready to sit the exam, but I don't want to be over-confident.




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    I'm gearing up for the ISSAP later this year, and while they just published a new book to study from, it is more than likely not the 'end all / be all' of studying. Best suggestion I could give you is to take a look at the domains covered by the ISSMP exam by downloading the exam outline here (if you haven't done so already - you'll have to fill in some info to get it):

    The one I pulled for the ISSAP gives breakdowns of 'key areas of knowledge' required to be successful on the exam. I'd use this as a checklist and make sure the information you have reviewed aligns with the exam topics, then grade yourself with how comfortable you feel about each exam topic. Utilize the books you have and our good friend Google to help close the gaps on some of the problem areas.

    Hope this helps and good luck to you!
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    Thank you 5ekurity! I did download the ISSMP outline and has bee very helpful. I will make sure that I understand all aspects of this outline. What I have noticed is that this CISSP concentration focuses heavily on BCP-DR guidance and decisions.
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