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Hey Board - Wanted to see how you put your simulator / emulator experience with products on your resume? All my years in IT, and setting up virtual labs using Virtualbox, VMware player...etc... I've always put it on my resume as having done it before as a bullet point. It never has failed me till this day. I am currently seeking knowledge and hands on with the UCS platform and going to the emulator level(dont feel like paying for the chassis icon_wink.gif it lol).. how do you put that experience on your resume? Do you also put it as experience? Or just say in the interview, "i have played with it." My opinion the seeing it work for the last 14 years has done me well. The job that hires me, I was able to take that knowledge and enhance it at the next job... then wash hands and repeat. Just wanted to get some of your opinions on it.
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    I would leave it off the resume and bring it up in the interview if you really want it out there. A resume isn't a place for listing what you've played with in your lab in my opinion.
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