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    Submit your resume to IT staffing agencies and you'll probably have a job within a couple weeks, if you have some form of experience and your resume isn't atrocious :)
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    R u kidding me by saying couple of weeks . I know when someone has a job in hand they have the guts to make fun of somone's life problem . atrocious ? come out of that assumption u didn't even see it !!
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    @rav11 - did you even read properly what he said? He's saying you should have a job if your resume isnt terrible, in other words - if your resume is good and you have some experience you should get a job soon. Better?

    It's probably a case of English not being your primary language, but ande0255 took the time to provide free advice. Instead of adding something meaningful to the your thread you've now ensured you wont get any more advice! This kind of attitude wont get you far, no matter how tough your conditions are. Most people dont get things gifted to them either, just saying...
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    I agree with Essendon, no more help for you.
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    GTFO, you're not wanted here OP.
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    Looks like you need it.
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