Get the 70-482 but failed ...

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I'm new here then i'll make a short intro of me.

I'm a programmer since 17 years.

I'm from Canada (North America).

I take the 70-480 and the 70-481 with success.
You note help me very much.

Then i take the 70-482 exam on april 16h but i fail on this (with a result of 656).
The note help me partially but is obsolete.

What help me also to prepare me and help me to highlight my weakness is the VCE files.
Make some test can help you to know how the test can look for and prepare for this type of stress.

For the 480-481, on several site on the web, the test is on the track but for te 482, it's all obsolete.


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    Well it does say "advanced Windows Store development" etc
    You need to know the HTML and Javascript very well AND be interested in making those Windows Store apps. If not, you might have some trouble passing that
    I would not do 70-482 because I have no interest in Windows Store apps...
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