Have the opportunity to shadow in a NOC @ current job - but want to apply elsewhere..

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So i have the ability to shadow at my current work in our Noc, but I know for a fact that a job will NOT open up for at least 1-2 years and I probably will leave my company once i finish my ccna (almost done with CCENT). I was curious though, if i am shadowing and am applying to another NOC outside my corporation, how can I include this on my resume to show that i have some experience?

Should I just put that i have experience with our network monitoring tools underneath my skills and software used?


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    Put it down as a line or two after other details on your resume. It should add value. Working in NOC right now, really enjoying as it's great exposure to a heap of technology.
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    When writing resume's I have found that telling what you did is as important if not more so then listing what you know/skills.

    "Shadowed NOC technicians to learn monitoring, troubleshooting, and escalation processes in preparation for the next internal job opening". Sounds good doesn't it? It is (hypothetically) 100% true and gives both the interviewer a topic to ask further questions around so you can demonstrate what you know and a topic for you to base your answers to other questions around.

    In my mind it shows motivation to learn, to take more on, and tendencies towards self betterment (....you are increasing your workload and job difficulty for no money). That character trait doesn't float every managers boat but do you really want to work in a NOC where the manager finds it as an undesirable trait?
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