Ccnp switch passed

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Got 1000 on CCNP Switch Test.
I studied random topics for both route and switch about four months but finally got down to brass sometime in March.
I studied everyday for multiple hours, I probably over studied at times. Made my own flash cards and re-read my notes at every chance. I sometimes even re-wrote my notes. Another thing that someone showed me, which I believed helped alot in the sims was coming up with network designs and handwriting the configurations. I would sometimes open a blank notepad @ work and start typing up configs... I started doing this for work and it helps on the job too.
I also would have my co-workers break my configs in packet tracer so that I'd have to resolve them.

At any rate...

CCNP Switch Simplified
Cisco Website
Watched a lot of youtube and CBT Nuggets.
Lan Wan Profession Lab Guide
Cisco Lab guide for switch

Lab Equipment
Main Items
Packet tracer when I'm not at home.
I also have
1X2610 - Frame Relay
but I used them when I wanted to make the labs a bit more interesting....

Thanks to this website for the motivation, I hope to take and pass route next month.
Good luck to everyone else going for their NP's
In Progress:
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