First post and a few questions

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How's it going fellas? I discovered this site not long ago and decided to go ahead and register. I've been sifting through what I could and have found a lot of helpful information.

A few questions I have for yall.

I have recently acquired the Security+, MTA, and MCP certs.

Can I use my Security+ cert as a sub or prerequisite to some of the Microsoft certification routes? I have been trying to look everything up but most info I find is fairly old. By all means, if my Security+ will help towards getting another cert and making the path to obtain the MCSA cert easier, I'm all for it. Just trying to understand the CompTIA and Microsoft connection.

Now, I am 26 years old, graduating in less than 2 weeks and beginning to search for jobs and looking at the next certifications to obtain. My main goal is to obtain a job in Cyber Security. More than likely will not happen because I have to start at the bottom. So be it. But as far as certs go and my next steps, what would yall recommend.

I have the following:
Associates Degree in Network Security Administration
College Certificate in Network Administration
MTA - Security Fundamentals

Also have more than a year of experience in repairing desktops and laptops. Did a summer intern doing this and have been doing it on the side ever since to make money while I finish school

I looked at other security certs but seems that they all require experience, or will cost an arm and a leg. I just ordered a book to study for the CCENT / CCNA. Then I figured I would go for the CCNA Security, even after I get the CCENT since it's a prerequisite.

I'm just at that point where I don't know what to do next. I feel I have many options, yet feel so limited at the same time.

Any help for my questions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to the forum... I guarantee that you will find your answers here.

    First there is no connection between Microsoft and CompTIA. CompTIA i feel is a good place to start out, its like getting your feet wet without specializing.

    You have to decide what you want to do... Network administration CCNA R/S and above. Network Security ... CCNA Security, GIAC, CISSP.

    You will probably start out at help desk but don't feel down about that... It all comes down to what you want to do, what you enjoy, what is your passion. It will all come and stay glued to this forum. Your questions will be answered
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    Thanks for the warm welcome.:)

    As far as the CompTIA and Microsoft goes, I looked deeper and found this thread from a different forum. Guy was wondering the same thing as me, but again, this info is old. Here's the link.
    Do Comptia Certs Count Toward Mcse? - About Microsoft Certification - ProProfs Forums

    I'm positive I want to go into security, just don't know which part of security.

    But, second on the list is networking. I'd be more than willing to put my time in to get to where I want to be at. Kinda how everything works in life I suppose.

    Thanks again
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