Feedback needed about "Qualifications Summary"

binarysoulbinarysoul Member Posts: 993
I could use some feedback on how to create a good "Qualifications Summary" section. I'll be applying mainly for network/support roles in the large enterprise because that's what I've mostly done.

I'm looking for some 'buzzwords' to present my qualifications effectively; this is based on advice of a career adviser, but of course I will avoid artificial traits. Just looking to brainstorm some ideas. Tech details vary, but what kind of traits/characteristics have you put on your resume?


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    TrashmanTrashman Member Posts: 140
    It is good that you are seeking feedback and want to quality assure your resume from others on the forums.
    If you look through the IT Jobs / Degrees forums there are plenty of people seeking advice.

    I think best option would be for you to try to complete a "Qualifications Summary" section on your resume the way you would like it best, and then upload it for others to review and give feedback on it.

    Hence, you create the baseline first.
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