CUV1 1Do-520 Cert

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If I am passing the practice timed test for CUV1 at Western Governors, for the CIW 1D0-520 exam with an 82-83%(three times already) and 78% twice before that. Would I be able to pass the actual exam. I know the questions are different, but would I have a pretty good shot at passing it. Once I get my voucher, how many days out should I schedule the exam. Thanks for any advice!!!


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    For WGU stuff check the IT Jobs/Degrees subforum. There are stickied posts at the top with hundreds of pages about WGU. If you are scoring well on the pre-test, then schedule your real test. Also, if the pre-test gives you the same questions each time there isn't usually a point of doing them over and over to get higher scores, I didn't find it to be of much help anyway since at that point you just know the questions. I liked doing it once to find out what areas I'm weak in and then going back and reviewing those areas.
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    I think the passing score for this is exam is 70% so if you feel very confident with your knowledge I definitely believe you will pass. The questions will be different but are very similar to the practice exam questions. I would suggest scheduling your exam within 2-3 days after you received your voucher and continue reviewing until then. Good Luck!
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