Relocating, how to apply?

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Not really an IT related question, even though I will be applying for IT jobs. But I think it could apply to many here.

If relocating, how do you apply for jobs?

I'm reloacting 100 miles away to a city, do I apply for jobs before I go and keep my current job and travel backwards and forwards for the interviews, or do I wait till I get there, save enough and hope I can apply like crazy and get a job when im there?

Should I maybe take a job I'm almost certain to get, like a lower job rather than one I want so im certain to get a job when I get there?

I've never relocated before, so for those of you who have, it would be great to get some idea of how you would apply?



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    Here is my opinion - if you do enough research you will not have to settle for a lower level job. Make sure you know enough about the local market and the type of positions available. Also, things to pay attention to are their requirements. Maybe you could establish some sort of a baseline. That way you will know exactly what you can get and not have to go for a lower paying job. Look at local companies and try to apply directly. Any positions that you can find on the web are worth checking out also. The web is usually the best way to apply when you are not close to the location in question.

    Don't forget to put the cost of living in the equation. Living in London and living in Bristol is not the same, for example.

    IMHO, you should always secure a job before relocating. Some people take the risk but I believe it is not the best idea one can have. However, this may come down to the situation in question and the individual case. If there is an abundance of IT jobs and your skills and qualifications are good then it may not be such a bad idea.
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    I'm actually planning on moving to Manchester, which hopefully will have a few positions available for me in networking. I'm not going till Jan 2015 so I have plenty of time to research then, will play close attention to the market for the next few months then and make note of jobs I should be able to apply for.
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    I'd never just save up, move and hope that I can get a job unless my wife was making enough money for the both of us and already had a job in the new city. If you can save up enough to live off of while job hunting then you can save up enough to make the trip back and forth for the interview. I'd just try to take a week of from work and schedule as many interviews as you can within that week while staying at a hotel or with family if possible. I wouldn't consider going for a low level position either. moving can get expensive.
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    Cheers, just so much hassle, hopefully I can get multiple interviews in one week and that would make it easier. Studying CCNA Voice at the moment which I'm loving so hopefully that makes me stand out a little more. How long did it take to do your L+? I want to go more networking but Linux always pops up so would be handy learning the fundamentals maybe after doing CCNA:Voice.
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    I recently moved about 80 miles. I commuted until we secured a new place to live. It sucks to commute but keep the family safe should be priority number 1. Find a friend in Manchester, use their address on your resume. I have lots of friends eying the Raleigh Area, and I always let them use my address so it appears they are local. My opinion is to not move until you secure a job.
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    I just moved from Kentucky to Raleigh/RTP area, it's not that hard really. Here's what helped me. First, have everything ready financially so you can make a move in 30 days or so. Start applying and talking to recruiters to get some contacts. The company I applied to wasn't looking for an out of towner but we did a couple Skype interviews and I went down for one face to face. After that, they asked how long I needed and I told them 30 days and they were cool with it. Definitely line up something in advance or at least have some stakes in the fire with recruiters so you have a contact.
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    Get a local google voice number and use that. It will help you not get disqualified just for being out of the area.
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    Get a local google voice number and use that. It will help you not get disqualified just for being out of the area.

    On top of this, my plan is to also get a local P.O. box for the area I'd like to move. This way you'd also have a physical address for which to use within the area. You can set up forwarding from the box to your current address if need be.
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