Any news on new CCNP in the future?

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Hey guys, I finally finished my CCNA last month and jumped straight into CCNP Route. An associate I work with was saying today (something that I had previously searched to make sure wouldn't happen) that Cisco is expected to announce this fall an update to the CCNP R/S. Has anyone else heard this? I know when CCNA was recently updated, if you did ICND1 on the old curriculum and ICND2 on the new Cisco would still give you it, but I just want to make sure I don't run into a situation where I'm wasting time/money on tests that wont carry over. Thanks


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    I haven't heard anything, but Cisco always gives enough time to finish any current exams you are studying for and always allows them to transfer into the new track. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
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    When I started my CCNP path, I had the 4 exams (BCMSN, ONT, etc..) I only had one of the "old exams" and I was able to continue with the SWITCH and TSHOOT exam.

    So, dont let this keep you from starting working towards your CCNP!icon_wink.gif
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    The transistion worries me a little bit, luckily I got a bargain on the 3 OCG books, apparently they were 'used' but it turns out the company was getting rid of 'old' stock. 3 OCGs for £17!!

    IMO once I pass route the rest should be fairly easy
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    xnx wrote: »
    IMO once I pass route the rest should be fairly easy

    That's what I'm hoping. I'm just finishing up my CCNA: Security and will finish CCNP: R&S immediately thereafter. I had been studying ROUTE before starting Security, and have been trying to keep what I already learned (Distribute Lists, BGP, EIGRP, etc...) fresh by incorporating it into my Security labs so that I don't have to start over from scratch. Supposedly, once you get past ROUTE it's downhill from there.
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    My main concern is that an update would render my current hardware invalid (2600xm series routers), I'm really hoping they don't jump code to 15.x as well.
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    Whenever CCNP gets revamped, I'd be willing to wager it will be on the 15.x code base. The CCNA was recently updated to 15.x, why wouldn't CCNP be in the next revision?
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    Ahh I didn't realize the CCNA is on 15.x code now, hopefully a majority of the topics will remain doable on older code such as 12.x.
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    The majority of things in 15 are still doable in later 12 versions. Certification exams usually don't test thoroughly on cutting edge technologies anyway.
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    I also have a feeling that the CCNP will change soon. I may hold on buying new manuals until this is verified
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