Passed CEH 10 February 2016

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I have been lurking on this forum for a while now, and since I sat the CEH exam today, it's my turn to share my experience.

The exam: Being up to date with the new topics, I was expecting new content. I passed with a 87% score. I finished in about an hour, and also took some time to review/double-check some answers where I was not 100% sure of them. The content of the exam (new topics) was described by other exam takers in previous topics, so I am not going to get you bored with it again.

My experience: I'm involved with security for some years, but I've been working in the industry, professionally speaking, for more than two years, mainly doing vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

My preparation: My main source of reading was the Matt Walker All-In-One CEH Guide. Besides that, I read more (Google) on topics that weren't clearly or fully detailed in the book. I don't think the book alone is enough to pass the exam, so if you have the opportunity to read the official slides, do it. Make sure you check the topics from here and you are at least familiar with each of them:

The future: I am heading for the OSCP exam next and maybe, if I have enough time, CCNA and CCNA Security.

Thank you and good luck!


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