2.4 GHz home wireless problem

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Hey guys,

I am not the sharpest at wireless technology but I do know that my 5 GHz connections are WAY swifter than my devices connected to the 2.4 band. Is there anything I can do to improve connectivity to my 2.4 devices?

I have a TP-LINK Archer router that supports dual band frequencies and the 2.4 band is set on either channel 1 or 2, channel width set to 20 MHz. There are about 5-6 different access points all broadcasting 2.4 around mine (congested neighborhood). Is it possible that other devices in my house could be transmitting on the same frequency?

I usually get 55-60 mbps down when I am working on ethernet but non-5GHz wireless is unreliable. I would love to simply use the 5GHz all the time but many of devices (wifes ipad) do not support the 5GHz band.

Anybody keen with wireless and could offer some suggestions?
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    From what I know and experienced is that 5ghz is faster but shorter range and 2.4 has longer range but you run into interference problems. I have a wireless sub woofer for my surround system and my wireless router was causing interference issues I tried changing channels on the 2.4 with no luck. Finally I just got a cord for the sub woofer.

    I would try relocating the router if you can if the channel changing doesn't work. Our Nintendo Wii U and PS4 use 2.4 ghz but since the router is nearby I just switched them to ethernet.
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    Obligatory question: does it have the latest firmware?
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    Obligatory question: does it have the latest firmware?

    Hmm not sure. I just bought the router a month ago so I need to check that.

    Oh, also I have a wireless extender that extends the 2.4 band. I hear that is used the same frequency to extend it so you have an overlapping 2.4 frequency on the same channel. I tried unplugging the extender but it didnt seem to help much.
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    Run both bands at the same time.

    Your wife can connect to the 2.4ghz and your 5ghz devices can connect to that.

    There should be a firmware update for yours, I just updated mine about 2 months ago (I have the Archer C7).
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    So, I bought a dual band extender and have been able to utilize the 5Ghz band at every point in my house. Problem solved! I also upgraded a device to a 5Ghz compatible one and life is good again.
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    Bluetooth runs on the same 2.4Ghz frequency. My wireless went totally bonkers when I bought a Magic Mouse from Apple. My signal on my Windows Laptop (not Mac) even drops when using my BT headset.
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