CEH Passed studying v8 materials 2/28

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Quick background on me, previous certs MCSE 2003, CCNA, CCNA Security, several exams passed toward CCSP years ago, GCIA certified, background in network engineering and some SOC experience, total 7ish years in IT.

I passed the CEH this past weekend scoring exactly a 70% self studying "v8". My study materials were the Matt Walker CEH v8 book Study Guide and the added Practice exam questions that came on a CD with the book. When I was reading these forums and saw all of the "I studied v8 but got v9 and failed" I assumed people did not study enough or had lack of real world experience and "should've" failed. My opinion on this has changed slightly. IMO this is a rough exam because of the wording of questions. Simple definition questions appeared more difficult because of wording and almost synonyms of answers. For example say a question was "What is nighttime? A. Night is after dark B. Night is opposite of Day C. Baseball D. Night is a state of mind. You may laugh at this but some of the questions had downright terrible selections where you could immediately eliminate 2 of the choices. The problem with this was many questions I felt had two answers that were "correct" but could be argued. I felt like I could pick two answers and explain to another human why both were correct answers. This was not the case with simple what is this tool, or what is this syntax type questions but some of the questions were very open ended.

The materials I studied were relevant to the exam however the emphasis on Risk Management and Laws related to security really threw me off my game because I was expecting way emphasis on tech/tool use. There were very little tech questions on the exam imo. The only reason I believe I passed this exam was because of my RL experience, I would find this exam extremely difficult if I just tried to read a book.

While I am glad I passed if I were to have failed the exam I don't believe I would've studied harder to attempt a retake. I did not leave feeling accomplished like I did after passing other exams.

My 2 cents.

Edit: I am very happy I passed dont get me wrong, but the entire experience just leaves a bad taste.


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