Auditing a Linux (CentOS) server

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Hi Everybody,
I've dusted off one of my old servers and want to install it into my Cisco lab. I believe it has LAMP, Radius, Syslog server, a Blog and more. The problem is I dont know how to find any of it and I foolishly already changed its ip configs.

Soooo my question is, when you look into a configured server and dont know whats in it, what are some good steps?



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    So you want to find what 'services' this server provides ==> List the servers:
    # service --status-all

    and this:
    # chkconfig --list

    Lookup what these commands do.

    Then I'd go and see what 'processes' the server has:
    # ps aux

    I would also see what ports the server is listening on:
    # netstat -anp

    It's also a good idea to see how many network interfaces are in use (ifconfig -a) and what file systems are mounted (df -h)...

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    Just to add. To check what packages are installed.
    yum list installed
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