Which exam first?

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Brand new to this forum.
Is there a requirement to take 271 before 272?
It's my understanding that you have to pass both to become MCDST.
Is there any time limit in between?

I did A+ but it was WAY back - like over 5 years ago.
Then, you had to pass both within 6 months.

Considering getting the MCDST Self Pace Study book and reading up in here.
What are your thoughts on this book? Any other recommended books or sites?

Thanks for any help for a newbie.


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    Welcome to this forum!

    Unfortunately, we dont have any technotes of ours for MCDST from this site yet. BUT, you should be able to pick this one up for pretty cheap (it's not that cheap on the site of course):


    I used that book as well for mine, and it was very very helpful. I learnt LOTS about Windows XP even though I have been using it since beta.

    About the exam order, I really would take 271 first, because you'll learn to appreciate 272 much better. Things like customization wouldnt become apparent if you dig right into 272.

    In my opinion, 271 is harder, but it prepares you for 272, so you should consider doing that one first.

    Good luck!
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    I agree with bighornsheep above. There is no requirement to take one before the other, but I would recommend 271, then 272, for the reasons bighornsheep listed.

    Best of luck,
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