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dppagcdppagc Member Posts: 293
Hi, can anyone mind expanding & explaining on the statement below?

Outbound traffic flow will be affected by bgp inbound policy.


  • deth1kdeth1k Member Posts: 312
    so if we configure an inbound policy i.e

    router bgp 123
    neighbour route-map set-local-pref-in in
    route-map set-local-pref-in
    set local-preference 101

    This will effect outbound traffic as we set preference to specific link or router.

  • joetestjoetest Member Posts: 99 ■■□□□□□□□□
    as deth1k mentions. You set a policy for routes coming inbound(you receive routes). You force your routers to use those routes from neighbor to reach those destinations reachable via this neighbor. So your traffic will go outbound via those routes towards that bgp neighbor to reach x destination.
  • FitziFitzi Member Posts: 40 ■■■□□□□□□□
    The inbound policy for a bgp peer will determine what routes you will accept from your neihgbour. The routes you accept are then reachable via this bgp neighbour.

    Basically you are allowing a neighbour to tell you a destination (prefix) that they can reach and after you accept the prefix, you can use the path via that neighnour to reach that destination (prefix).
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