Problem with VLSM

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IP :
User LAN has 520 hosts , Server LAN has 12 hosts
Sub-net the given network , assign the first usable sub-net to User LAN while wasting the fewest address.
Sub-net further the 3rd usable sub-net, and assign the 7th usable sub-net to Server LAN.

My workings:

2^10 = 1024, which is in the 6th position (4) of the 3rd octet.

First usable network ranges from to
The next network begins with and the sub-net mask is

Please correct me if I am wrong so far.

Sub-netting the 3rd usable sub-net for Server LAN ( this is where I am a bit confused )

12 hosts required , so 2^4 = 16, I increment the network by 16 in the last octet should be the 5th sub-net ? and if I increment by 16 ... ............> this the 7th usable sub-net ?


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