Passed Sec+ today!

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I'm super excited to share the news that I passed my Sec+ exam today, first-time pass with a score of 831/750!!
I started the exam strong and ended it praying to the higher powers that I would pass, and it looks like I'm blessed :)

1) David L Prowse CompTIA Official Cert Guide SY-401 Academic Edition - I outlined the entire book section by section
2) Accompanying CD, completed all labs, watched all videos, and did all chapter reviews and case studies
3) Accompanying CD, ran through all practice and bonus exams for every chapter multiple times on study mode - I only did certification mode twice to get an idea of my progress
******EDIT: the practice exams from the CD are from the official PEARSON VUE Practice Test Engine************************************
4) MeasureUps Practice Exam - all topics on study mode, then chose 2 weakest topics to work on in study mode - I never did certification mode, only study mode over and over and over again
5) Listened to Professor Messer audio files whenever I was driving

All-in-all, this process took me about 53 days. I have no prior experience in security, only a short (3 month stint) internship for help desk, part-time. One thing that I wish had done better was look at more real-life examples of all the topics covered, instead of just reading and going through the provided case studies.

I hope this post can help others in their journey! Don't give up, give it 100% and then some!

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    Congratulations on the pass, that's a very nice score. Thank you for sharing your experiences and the resources you used to study with us.

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    Congratulations !
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    Nice for sure, congrats! I need to get going for sure. Where do I find the audio files?
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    All the best,

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    Congratulations and thanks for the tips!
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    You can get them at the Professor Messer website. The audio files cost about $100 for digital download, or you can access all his videos on Youtube for free.
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    Congrats on the pass!!
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