veterans with interest in cybersecurity careers

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    For those that are looking for more information:
    Eligibility - Transitioning service members within the next 6 months, National Guard and Reserve members, Spouses of any active duty/guard/reserve member.
    O2O provides the front end for accessing the Syracuse customer service and IT training, as well as the SANS Veterans Immersion Academy, Hero to Hired, and USAA Vetfit.
    The CSR and IT training through Syracuse have no obligations.
    The SANS training has a contractual obligation for two years to one of their preferred partners, Hero2Hired, USAA Vetfit, etc. I'm trying to get more specifics about the obligations and requirements for the SANS courses now as well as a list of preferred partners and how it all works.

    For those transitioning off of active duty or National Guard/Reservists that are looking for SANS training and placement in to a cybersecurity job it seems like a great program. I'm just not sure how much bargaining is available, what happens if you leave early, fail to complete it, etc. I'll be getting more information about the SANS course before I could consider it, but other courses offered with no obligation include most CompTIA courses, CCNA, Java programming, etc.

    The first step is to apply through the O2O website, a program manager from the base nearest you will contact you, give you an orientation to the programs over the phone (which is where the above information came from), then send you an assessment to complete online. After the assessment is completed a career counselor from Syracuse will contact you and help determine what program you should be placed in. There will be 2 days of face to face training with the O2O personnel, then 4-6 days of face to face training with the specific program personnel (4 for Syracuse, 6 for SANS). The rest of the program is completed online. After 30% completion they request a resume from you, then have their professionals rewrite it. After 80% completion they start offering interview training and meetings with their connected companies and programs.
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