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You know the semi kind of rule recruiters have where if one represents you another recruiting company won't represent you for a similar position at the same place you applied at?

I have been trying to get an interview with a major health care provider in my area. The recruiter I was working with sent my info to the hiring manager, she liked what she saw but said I didn't have any managerial experience. I was fine with that.

Two months later they created a senior position, sweet so I got a call from another recruiting company asking if I was interested in the senior position. I said yes but I told them I was already presented for the managerial position and would that create issues? She said no, so they send my information to the hiring manager.

Guess what? The hiring manager tells the recruiter since I had applied to the managerial position with the other recruiting company I should work with that one......

I contact the other recruiter, said he hadn't heard anything and he will check. Wait a few days I email for follow up and he said nothing heard yet.

I wait a few days.... Finally I apply DIRECTLY on the health care provider's website.

1. Applied Monday June 27th 9:00am
2. Tuesday June 28th get an email from their HR department asking for my CISA number and asking if I was still interested in the position.
3. Thursday 8:10 am email asking when I would like to come for an interview.
3. Scheduled interview for next Thursday.

Seriously, check sites like Indeed, sign up for job alerts each week and just apply directly first if you can.


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    Had the same experience with Home Depot Corporate. I was represented by one recruiter and another one called me a few months later with a totally unrelated position, when she asked if I was represented by another recruiting firm I sad "yes" and was not able to apply to the job through them.
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    Yeah, I think that these rules are BS ways of making them appear more legitimate and more self-serving... like a recruiters code (not stepping on each others' toes). Don't get me wrong, I have worked with many great recruiters that are honest and put in hard work and deliver results. But for every one of them, there are several slimy ones that are just wasting folks time by throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

    That being said, I had one of these more honest recruiters also tell me they couldn't help in my job search while I was still employed with a company that they placed me; I understand that if it is within a short period of time, a few weeks, six months, a year... maybe even two years (but that should be clearly noted within the contract... and probably called out separately). I had been with the place for over three years when I contacted them. That is basically BS. The problem here is that they share information too freely, and since they do, they don't want to burn bridges with their customers.

    The last job I applied for, I got placed contract-to-hire (was subsequently hired), and I got a separate congratulations call from a different recruiter that I had talked with before. How do you even know?!? That seems shady as can be, to me... borderline (well, over the line, to me) violation of privacy.
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    That is basically BS. The problem here is that they share information too freely, and since they do, they don't want to burn bridges with their customers.

    Yeah this taught me to take a more proactive approach to my job search to avoid running into this conflict in the future.
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    I'd rather get around a recruiter if I can. Most of them low ball you anyways so they can get a bigger cut of your pay plus other incentives. Some recruiters advertise jobs that aren't available anywhere else. Also some recruiters are straight up abusive to the point where cops gotta be called.
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    I prefer to work with a recruiter directly as they can give you insight into the $ figures as well as how the company culture works (assuming they have experience filling roles within the company). Otherwise as soon as the recruiter gets a bit shady I bail and just apply directly on the company site. I don't bother with any shadiness, no need to.
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    As soon as the recruiter tells you about a job research the job and see if you can apply directly.
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    Much like an NDA recruiters often have clients sign both a hold harmless as well as an ongoing R-T_R or Right to Represent on any candidate they present to the hiring authority for anywhere from 3-6 months. Without those contracts in place we the product; the labor; would quickly game the system by running to favorite recruiter down the street asking for more money, benefits, office space - whatever. Don't look at me like that - yes you would and we used to do just that back in the 90s. That's why these rules and contracts are in place the way they are.

    As far as one recruiter not having access to the senior position. Either the recruiter has been bypassed for consideration or may not be on the ball, short on time, close to filling another need that's taking alot of attention. Who knows. Sometimes people look a gift horse in the mouth as well.

    There are some great recruiters out there and many who suck. Hard!

    Hmmm... sounds alot like IT.

    - b/eads
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