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Can someone guide me on how to prepare for CIPT. I have been asked by work to clear the certification in a month. I went through the site and found references to authoritative sources, but still confused on how to prepare. can someone list out the texts that i need to study. Given the crunch timeline, I will appreciate the guidance i can get.


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    I recently took the CIPM & CIPP/US. You need the official IAPP textbook for both exams since the exams are created based off of the textbooks. You get them as part of an official training course, but I never did see on their site where to buy just the books individually. My suggestion is to call & ask them. It's usually a standard ISBN # that you can search online to find it cheaper than directly from IAPP. My best guess just glancing through their site right now is

    Privacy in Technology: Standards and Practices for Engineers and Security and IT - https://my.iapp.org/NC__Product?id=a191a000000QL2eAAG

    But that's a guess. Call them up & then order from the cheapest online store you can find with quick shipping.
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    Err... not terribly difficult to find the proper resources on their site.

    You need to purchase the textbook associated with whatever exam you're interested in pursing. These can be found here: https://iapp.org/train/books/

    Good luck.
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    Firstly thank you for your responses. And the first thing i did was visit the site and go through the recommended texts. Now they list out a few books as authoritative texts and a few others as recommended? My question is do i need to read through all of the authoritative texts or one of them and similarly for recommendation?
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    Only one of them is the actual textbook for the official training course. You'll need to ask them which one it is.
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    For CIPP or CIPT, do we need to buy the Foundations book?
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    Hi! Have you taken the CIPT yet?
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    There no longer is a separate Foundations exam. Everything, at least where the CIPP is concerned, is rolled into one. The CIPP/US book provides background in the early chapters and I think that suffices as foundation knowledge.
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