CISM - waiting for result! My experience

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Well, I enjoyed the whole exam experience ..... From getting the train to down town, verifying the identity (felt like taking hall ticket for school exam back in India), enjoyed listening to instructions being read, question and answer sheet distribution, instructors walking around, raising hands etc etc...I realized how life has changed with computer and technology! Felt nostalgic!

Ok, coming to the exam, I think I did well! Finished in 3 hrs! First answered 25 questions in the question paper and the. Circled it in answer sheet! I have marked around 25 questions to review in the end!

Understanding DB questions definetly helps!! I completed CIssp in June and that definetly help!

I hardy studied for 4 weeks! First week, read each chapter (just quick run through ) and answered 100 questions in each chapter. Was scoring 62-65%.
Then reviewed section 1 of each chapter thoroughly and Again quickly glanced at section 2 of each chapter.
Then attended questions and started scoring 72%. Once I completed all the questions, I took only incorrect questions which was good revision!
In the end I was scoring average of 86%

I hope I will pass and enjoy waiting for the results! 😀
Cheers everyone!


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    Had similar prep work (stretched over 3 months since CISSP exam was 1.5 years ago) and exam experience (spend an extra minute for reach question in doubt but never looked back again). Steady paste took me about 3 hours as well.

    Good luck to all who just took it.
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