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All - has anyone used the InternetWork Expert labs? I'm wondering if I can get away with a few 25xx routers in my rack. The FAQ says you can still do 80-90% of the labs with mostly 25xx routers, but I want to be able to do 100% of the labs on my rack. Has anyone built an IE rack based on the specs of the InternetWork Expert labs using 2500's and was there a particular lab task you couldn't complete?

Thanks for all your help all!


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    This is the link to the current equipment/IOS on the lab. I would think that anything this equipment can perform you should be ready for. Compare the 2500's against these...
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    My own rack is modeled on the internetworking expert labs, I have 2500s in my backbone only, the only thing I can't do is the OSPF v3 stuff, the same goes for the standard 2600 (non XM) image but theres a trick to TFTP an XM onto a 2620/21. The other problem my 2500s suffer from is crashes as you get toward the end, it keeps giving out of memory errors etc, to that end Im adding 2 routers so I can remove the 2500's for good, because sometimes BGP peering etc goes down, now my lab has 4 x 3620s which also cant do OSPFv3 and BGP for IPv6, so I miss these bits out for now, and later on I will rent time to do those bits.
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