Just passed 70-697. What next?

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Hi all, I just passed my first ever Microsoft certification on the 2nd try, the first try I scored a 654 which I was pretty happy about considering all the things I heard about it on here. Second try 3 weeks later I scored a 770.

I used CBT Nuggets. The Doc AMD4EVER created(thankyou!) MeasureUp Practice Exams, the 70-697 official book and some random tests I found online.

Now that I have that exam passed I'm wondering what to do next. The 2016 MS roadmap shows 8.1 exams involved in achieving a MCSA in Windows 10. I assume this is because the exams are fairly new and all have not been released yet?

The material I read online states I should be a MCP now is that correct?

It was definitely an interesting exam to study for. I feel like I did not actually learn that much that would transfer into the real world. It's more about reading the question carefully and picking the microsoft way.



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    Congratulations on passing! and yes, passing any MS exam gives you the MCP designation.

    As for what's next? I don't think going backwards to Windows 8 holds any value, and you'd need to pass 2 exams to get the MCSA, but you can also get that by passing the other Windows 10 exam, the 70-698. You've already got Windows 10 on the brain, why not stick with it.

    I just passed the 697 last week as well, and personally I was torn about where to go next. I'm pretty familiar with OS's and definitely plan to write the 698 in the next year, but the 697 had areas I wasn't familiar with, like InTune and Office365. AzureAD was new-ish as well, but I finished the Server2012 MCSA in the spring, so transferring the knowledge to a cloud based AD wasn't a huge stretch. The last section I really concentrated on for the 697 was Office365, so that MCSA was actually in the forefront until I secured a seat for the Server2016 beta.
    :study: Office 365 70-347 / 698 later
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    thanks! i agree with the going backwards to windows 8 but the roadmap is out of date and confusing.

    i found an article that backed up what you said about passing the 698 for a MCSA cert.

    as for the 698 have you looked into it?

    3 chapters that look more along the same lines as the 697. I might order the 698 book and see how detailed it is
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    and congratz too!
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    IMO the 697 was harder than the 698. The 698 is a real "desktop" exam, while the 697 is all about the new online services from MS.
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    Congrats on the pass. Well it was the hardest Microsoft exam I've ever taken. An absolute nightmare to study for and signing up for Office 365, Intune and Azure subscriptions. Glad that is out of the way and I am sure the 70-698 will be a bit easier. Not started that one yet until CBT Nuggets get a few more videos up on their site.
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    That's what I wanna hear!
    Smilymarco wrote: »
    IMO the 697 was harder than the 698. The 698 is a real "desktop" exam, while the 697 is all about the new online services from MS.
    :study: Office 365 70-347 / 698 later
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