Paging file and XP RAID

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While getting ready for 70-270, I was playing around with moving the Windows paging file around to different hard disks, etc. I have a question, though, that I'm not in a good position to test (not certification-related):

We agree that if you can put the paging file to a (fast) hard disk on another IDE cable, that there might be some improvement in virtual memory response.

So what if we put the system disk on one cable, and two hard drives on the other and we want to use both of these non-system drives to get the best paging file performance we can. Everything else being equal, which would be better:

1.) Tell Windows to make two additional paging files (leaving a small one on the system disk) - one for each of the two hard disks on the second cable.

2.) Tell Windows to RAID and Stripe the two hard disks as one drive and have Windows make only one (probably larger) paging file on the Striped volume.

I know that the best way to go would be to use a hardware RAID solution, but I'm not sure about the above. I would think that number 1 would be best, however I don't know how well XP handles multiple paging files. I do, however, understand Striping, but since it's XP doing it, it'll lower overall performance to a degree. I suppose that it may all come down to the factor of "how fast are the RAIDed hard disks?" Any thoughts?
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