Video apps for watching videos on the go

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Does anyone know of any good app that i can create playlists of videos on my phone? I used to have an Apple Ipod few years back that I remember i had created video playlists and whenever I would stop or close the app, once I launched it again, it would resume to play the video from where it stopped.

I am using Android Galaxy S7 now and have tried VLC and some other apps but once i close the app then I have to navigate back to the external sd card and launch the video, if a video finishes playing, the next one does not auto start and have to manually select it. Maybe you can do this in VLC but have been playing with it all morning and i cannot navigate to the SD only to the internal memory folders. Any ideas on what i can use? Not looking to root the phone by the way.


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    Have you tired ES File Explorer? It’s a little bloated these days (it used to be very small and neat), but it’s still a good app just the same, and may be worth a look.
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    Should be a permission issue. Uninstall and reinstall VLC player. Grant it permission to access files on SD card when prompted. There is probably some setting for auto resume, but I am not familiar with the app.

    I am using MX Player. Just put all the files in a single folder. It can auto resume and go to next file.
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    Found one called Video Player HD, does exactly what i need it to do. Has some ads when video is stopped, but no ads when video is playing. I like it so far. I will try uninstalling VLC and try it again. I manage the Sd card through ES File explorer but haven't tried playing videos through it. I will give it a try.
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