INE CCNP Bootcamp Onsite

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Has anyone attended one of INE's onsite CCNP bootcamps? There are few coming up in the beginning of 2017, in NC and was thinking of getting my work to foot the bill for me to go down there. Looks to be 7 10-hour days covering all three exams.

Was specifically wondering how the newer on-site bootcamps compare to the live streaming, which instructor, quality of instruction and if it was worth the $2500 pricentag (not including travel).



  • teuchterteuchter Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Never been to one of their bootcamps but i would expect them to be worth more than $2500 from my experiance of their online videos. I think they also provide access to their labs and videos online as part of the deal which is a big benefit.

    Also compared to other bootcamp prices (atleast in the UK) $2500 seems fair if it covers all exams. in the UK QA charge £2500 for a 5 day bootcamp on each exam.
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