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Where can I find more ITIL MALC practice tests? Written several times and keep missing with 1-2 marks.


  • UncleBUncleB Senior Member Member Posts: 417
    There are only the 2 practice tests out there - the ones supplied as part of the official training course.

    I had a long look for more back when I studied MALC but in the end it was all down to re-studying the component exam material, work on the test exams and really analise where you are going wrong and focus your efforts on those parts.

    It isn't an easy exam because you are expected to bring all the components together from 4 or 5 source exams and make them all work at the appropriate stages of the lifecycle - this takes understanding which comes from lots and lots of study rather than practicing exams (or using **** if that is your thing).

    Keep at it and study hard on the areas you have been under-performing in and you should be OK.

    Good luck
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