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Hello Everyone,

What are the best sites out their for providing labs for CCIE R&S training? I know about INE but they are to expensive for me at the moment. My company bought for CBTNuggets for its employees and I have been going through the CCIE v5 video series, but they do not provide any hands on lab typologies to practice the various topics. What are my options here? How is everyone else doing things now a days? Should I continue to follow the CBTNuggets video path and save for the INE workbook?

Any options are greatly appreciated.



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    Are you aware that a single attempt at the IE lab currently costs $1600 (US)? I can certainly understand the need to keep costs under control when your employer won't pay for much but current labs are expensive (they take a lot of effort to build from the designer perspective as well). If you're on a super-tight shoestring budget, take a look at some of the older lab sim books you can find on Amazon, throwing out the stuff you won't need (like Frame Relay or ATM).

    Regarding the second part of your question, there are numerous threads started by people preparing for the Lab. Those threads will tell you how other people are preparing.
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    you can use INE workbooks for full labs and also the 360 lab workbooks for practice labs. Also if the $ is the issue see if employer will pay for bootcamp some will include a free lab attempt. Check out Narbik also.
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