Testout PC PRO good prep?

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Hello all,

I've studying Mike Meyers A+ book and now more recently using Professor Messer ( much more enjoyable and to the point) as a reference materials for my 220-901 exam portion of the exam. When I took a IT course in fall of last year the school required us to purchase the Testout PC PRO Lab Sim. Was wondering if anybody else thinks that Lab Sim products may go too in depth? For instance on their practice exams I took for the 901, they mention hard drive partition types, basic discs, dynmaic and "logical drives". I looked on the Comptia objectives 4.2 which just states " Trouble shoot hard drives and RAID arrays"

I'm just wondering if I should just stick to Professor Messer? and maybe cert master?


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    I've not taken the A+, but those are certainly all topics I would expect someone with A+ to know.

    Even if ti's not on the test, that's information you need to know working with and supporting Windows machines. I'd keep working through their test questions too.
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    I found my answer. Its actually on the 220-902 test, seems like they got it mixed it on the 901 subject. But, I agree.

    My plan was to study everything for the 901 portion of the test take the exam. Then study the 902 and do the same.
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