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If you can't leave a job because you need the pay but you want to break into the IT field how would you gain experience. I am getting out of the Navy I have experience with mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics.. But I don't have experience with computers.

I want to work in the computer field. Anyone have any ideas. With out debt I cant afford to downgrade my income.


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    Look for a job with a navy contractor in IT. Send resumes or make phone calls to the companies you find, even if they are not advertising for hiring. Many times you will get preference because of your experience in the services, something that many DoD contractors like to see. They can train you to the level of Help Desk in short order, and if you're bright you can go further. They can't, however, train someone else (that already has IT experience) to know the inner workings, processes and "navy" way of thinking in a short time. So keep that advantage in mind and go cold calling.
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