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pearljampearljam Member Posts: 134
What would make up a good CCNP Sec home lab? I'm assuming I can do it without having to replicate i.e. INE's topology?

I have:
2504 wlc
7965 ip phone

Would I just need two ASA 5506's or would I need 5515x's? I'm also guesing all the Vm's to go along?

Could someone please help me piece this together

Thank you!!!!!!!!!


  • craigaaroncraigaaron Member Posts: 132
    so far from my experience of looking at 300-206/300-209 (taking exam for that on may 2nd)

    you need some 1900 routers possible 3/4

    cisco asa 5505 x2 but if you attempt 300-210 you need a 5506 x2(300-210) for firepower

    i would suggest a vmware enviorment e.g hp microserver gen 8 or workstation with access to trial versions of software if you are going to do 300-208

    this is more of a suggestion from what i can see going forward and what i have done so far.

    so if anyone else has suggestions please add and when i attempt the other areas i will add to this list.
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