Failed LX0-104

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I went for LX0-104 to compete my Linux+ this morning. Oh boy was I not prepared. So many questions regarding X configuration and I had 19 fill in the blanks. Is this common?

What in the world! I used CBT nuggets videos, read the Sybex book and took Transcender Exams. Was scoring 90% on Transcender.

I really feel like I was prepared for a CompTIA exam. Is there anything I can do other than memorize the whole books Glossary? I plan to start with some flash cards. However, I didn't expect to have to write in 1/3 of the test.

Everyone states this one was the easy one! I feel so beat....


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    Ucertify practice questions and prep engine
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    I took the test about 10 days ago. Not sure if I had that many fill-ins, really didn't keep track, but there were a lot.

    I used uCertify and CertMaster as my primary preps. I thought both did a good job of preparing me for the type and difficulty level of questions. If I could only use one, I'd probably go with uCertify, but I was glad to have had both.

    Now that you know what you're dealing with, you'll get it next time! Good luck!
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    seems very unusual amount of fill in blanks,on 103 had like one mkdir :] ,mines due in months time,pretty good foundation on networking/protocols part, but very weak on sh scripting and SQL
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    Passed today. A lot easier test. No where near what I described above. The extra prep was helpful as well, but over all it was the test.
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    Great job! Time to update your Certs!
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    I failed LX0-104 as well. I had at least 15 fill in the blanks and they were all vague questions. I used the Sybex and Kaplan, although that seemed outdated. I'm considering UCertify.
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